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The Bloodsoaked Lands Cover Art

The Bloodsoaked Lands - On Sale Now

The Bloodsoaked Lands

Do you want to play in a new fantasy setting or are you looking to reinvigorate your passion for the genre? The Bloodsoaked Lands is a game world and adventure setting that provides inspiration and ideas, a land that grows with you and your campaign through the use of the ‘Living World’ concept.

Experience a world that is brought to life not only through your actions but through regular world event updates, podcasts, audio adventure introductions and tailored video imagery with in-depth cultures and countries set amongst a magic rich fantasy environment it gives you the opportunity to influence and shape how the world develops.

This is the initial release, an Empire known as Doth-Eria located in the south west of Synathia, from here my product releases will gradually work their way east and then north, covering the kingdoms, regions, places and adventures found within the lands.

I am always happy to receive feedback and answer questions that you may have so feel free to contact me.

Last modified on August 5, 2010

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