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The Flaming Mantle Tavern

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

The smell of scented pipe weed can subtly be detected in the air, although the smoke hangs thickly amongst the ceiling rafters from the many pipes that have been lit throughout the night there is little visible evidence of it below the exposed beams of the tavern room’s ceiling.

The roaring fire located in the middle of the room boisterously jumps from the specially made fire pit that restrains it.  Its flames stretching into the air as they consume the precious oxygen that feeds it.  On the floor surrounding the pit are magical runes, carved into the stone floor and glowing brightly, these are what draws and contains the flames straight from the fires of the elemental plane.

The heat from this central source fills the room and would leave it slightly stuffy if it was not for the open windows that allow the mild breeze in from outside.

The open spaces of the taproom has been filled with tables and chairs for the patrons and as you look around, about half of them are full with a variety of groups.  Most are quietly talking amongst themselves over tankards of ale while others are more raucous as the gradual intoxication of the liquor that has been imbibed is taking affect.

To your left is small stage raised a foot and a half above the floor.  Atop it sits a bard on a three legged stool playing a lute; his audacious vest and wide brimmed hat sets an interesting scene as he regales a tall tale of heroics, courage and danger.  Slightly behind and to the left side of him, hovering in midair, is a small harp.  The harp gleams in the light that comes from the magical globes located throughout the room as its strings are plucked and provide accompanying music to the voice of the bard.

On your right is the bar, a sturdy wooden construction, the symbol of a flame is branded into its front and its polished surface makes it look brand new, although your knowledge of this establishment would indicate that it is far from so.

On the wall behind the bar is what gives this tavern its name.  The Flaming Mantle.  A small mantle, only two foot long and made from an unknown stone, has been fitted to the buildings stone wall behind the bar; its black colour is patterned with a green marbling effect and from its smoothly cut surface rises small blue flames.  It is said that these flames, like those in the central fire pit are drawn from the elemental planes.

Sitting atop the mantle is a single bottle of spirits.  The bottle is made from a thin glowing material and keeps within it the choice of drink from a slain Demon General.  The spirits are kept heated and in an evaporated state so that it concentrates the liquid within.  When the bottle is taken from the flames the evaporation condenses to produce the desired liquid.  A strongly flavoured and alcoholic spirit that would warm the coldest soul.

The drink was taken by the barkeep and renown adventurer Hulderic, or Hul to his friends, in his earlier days of adventuring during a campaign into the hells.  Taken as a trophy of their adventures, Hulderic has placed an option for patrons to try the exotic drink however to do so they must first put forward what they believe trying the drink will be worth; a figure that he has not openly released.  So far the current bid put forth by Lord Heleman was 1,200 gold pieces.  A price rejected by Hulderic as too low.

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