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Elrean Crothus

Sunday, July 11th, 2010


Born shortly after the fourth age was recognised Elrean Crothus was born into a life far from normal.  Elrean is the second child of the Duke and Duchess Tysis & Sylicia Crothus of the city of Thor-Relen.   Brought up on the family estates located just outside the city itself she spent much of her spare time running through the fields, playing with the servants and exploring the grounds.

Her childhood was a fairly isolated experience with her older brother often in tuition, her mother busy organising the affairs of the house and attending the court, while her father was nearly always out of the city on official business.  Although not necessarily the most desirable upbringing it allowed her to spend time watching and mimicking the soldiers and guards of the families private army, thus nurturing her interest in warfare and battle.

For many years she would sit upon the window sills and walls of the manor watching the 1st Battalion, her family’s private armed forces, go through their drills and training exercises with interest and excitement.

Although her father was rarely involved with her childhood her continuous voyeurism of his troops had not gone unnoticed.  For her fifteenth birthday he presented Elrean, to her mother’s horror, with her first blade and informed her that his personal retainer, general of the 1st Battalion and best friend Kaldoran will train her in how to use it and how to fight.

Over the next five years Elrean learnt everything that Kaldoran knew about swordsmanship, warfare and battle, relishing the physical nature of the career she had now chosen she threw herself into it.  Refusing to sleep in the manor with the rest of her family she took what belongings she thought she would need and moved into the barracks with the rest of the men.

Upon reaching twenty she had learnt everything that she could from those in the north and sought to travel to the Capital of Julan Quo in order to train with the imperial battle master.  Again her father was to bestow his daughter two gifts before she left, the first was a new sword crafted by the Elven smiths of The Lost Wood and enchanted by him, thus he bestowed a weapon of fine make and extreme power to his only daughter.  Secondly he also gave her a talisman and instructed her that in the time of need use it to contact him and he will come to her aid.

Elrean spent a further two years training under the battle masters of Julan Quo before she was approached by a man named Atrimus Detear.  Atrimus was a general from the Guild of Swords, a large mercenary guild of men for hire.  Atrimus offered Elrean a membership to the guild and an initial officer rank of Lieutenant, which would allow her to take command of small forces in their operations.
Taking the offer Elrean saw this as an opportunity to move away from her family’s name and influence and to try and forge a reputation based on her own actions and it is here that she forges her own future…


Although Elrean has now entered her early thirties her facial features still hold its youthful appearance however her Auburn eyes and steely nature tells a tale of experience and age.  Due to the practicality of her profession Elrean keeps her ashen hair short and it is often unkempt from using a helmet during training and battle.

Elrean is of tall and moderate build with defined muscles and quite chiselled facial features which are lingering traits from her heritage.  These have allowed her to be nimble on her feet and powerful with her strikes, a potent combination.

Although initially sheltered from any real issues by her troops when she was living in the family barracks she has spent many of her years amongst the rough and tough attitudes of mercenaries as such she is a little guarded with her feelings, has developed an authoritative tone to her words and a contempt for arrogance.

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