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The Gracian Mindset

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

As part of my series of posts relating to the Gracian culture I thought that I would do a small writeup regarding the mindset of the Gracian people. It’s written from the perspective of a hunter and helps to highlight how they view the world. Enjoy …

I place the soles of my warm deer skin boot softly upon the ground; their supple hide base makes little noise upon the ground cover.  My shins part the leaves of the ferns that make a green blanket for the forest, covering it a foot and a half above the soil. The air is still damp from the night time rains and all around me I can hear the dripping of water from the leaves as the last of the rain drains from the canopy above to the forest floor.  There is little breeze this morning and my warm breath clouds in the chill air as I exhale. The forest is clear now, the fog of the morning has lifted and it has been cleaned from the previous rain. I have marked my body with woad to signify my intent to others, now it is time to hunt.

Looking to my left I can see my uncle, he is crouched against the trunk of a large tree, his bear skin cloak wrapped around him as he waits patiently, in his hands is a fine bow and although I cannot see it I know that he has an arrow knocked ready to release at a moment’s notice, he is a skilled hunter and in the absence of my father he has taught me all that I know.

I take a few steps forward and like my Uncle I rest my back against a nearby tree and search for my brother.

It is not long before he reveals himself and with a hand motion he signals for us to move. He has spotted our game and now it is time to make a kill and then it will be time to feast.

This is our world and this is my part in it.

How to Integrate Social Players into your Session

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

I was watching a video taken from the recent Gencon, and it was detailing on open forum session for GM’s where they are able to bring issues amongst themselves and help each other out. A fantastic idea and for the two years that it has been provided it seems to have gotten a fair rate of participation and attraction, understandably so.

One of the GM’s in the crowd brought up that he actually had too many people in his group and wanted to split them but didn’t know how to go about it and how it would work. The solution put forward was to split the group and try to run them in integrated adventures, this allowed you to bring them together from time to time as both groups dealt with the same issue and possibly from different sides.  This got me thinking of the ways that my gaming group and I have utilised different playing groups or people into our sessions.

One of the great ones that we have utilised, particularly if there are a group of players that are less regular, is that the second group play the enemies in situations and scenarios this gives everyone interaction, can take some heat off of the GM and imparts a small amount of rivalry amongst the groups which can bring out some great roleplaying. The first few times that we initiated this it was a little chaotic but after ironing out a few things then it worked quite well, particularly if the “enemy” players were relatively powerful as opposed to being creatures such as base level goblin.

The second memorable method that we have used was cameos. One of my friends played a few sessions with us, but midway through a campaign left the country to take up a job overseas so his character left our company.  A year or so on and unbeknown to everyone in the playing group except the GM, he had come back home for a week and had secretly planned an appearance in the session. So when we rolled into the next town waiting for us on its outskirts was his character and at exactly the same time that we saw him in the game he opened the door to the room we were in and surprise! This was a really engaging and social way to bring him into the session. Since then he has made continued appearances in the sessions of that campaign. This method can also be a great way to get adventure hooks placed in the lap of the party, particularly if you have several of these cameo characters.

Gary’s 1 Year Anniversary – a time to remember

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

It’s been one year since Gary Gygax has passed away and in memory of this event I was privileged to be able to contribute to a remembrance blog written by the guys at Stargazers World.  If you’ve ever played Dungeons and Dragons or have heard of him, as he was one of fantasy’s great contributors, then check out this blog ‘Remembering a Legend’ it holds some great memories of the man, thoughts of how he has impacted our lives and some great history about him.