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Justiciars of the Sovereign Hand

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Justice through Varhn’s law, guidance driven by his word and strength through belief.

These are the foundations of our grand Order.  This is what makes us strong.


This is an order of Knights who are comprised mainly of war clerics and warriors who adhere strictly to the codes and religion of Varhn, the god of justice.  As such these Knights consider themselves holy warriors in the service of their god.

This order solely operates in the Doth-Erian southern provinces of The Barrowlands, Morash and Berrendale and have their headquarters based in the Citadel of Langhorn.

The order has only been operating for 35 years and as such is quite a young order when compared to many of the others throughout the empire, thus they are still establishing themselves as a power within the area.  They are however fortunate as their founder and current Knight Captain Lucus Gilote is cousin to Duke Louis Da-Vi, Knight Captain and Southern Warden of the Imperial Court.  This has provided them with station and authority within the area albeit limited beyond the borders of the Southern provinces at this stage.

The age of the order has also led to its small size, and as such there are great demands placed upon its members as they are often called upon to visit more of the remote towns and villages to help administer justice and the rule of law, perform investigations or to lead a force to quell local dissidents.

The order was established due to a need for impartial justice within the burgeoning and impoverished region of The Barrowlands.  Lacking such a system of justice the Cannon of Tormay took it upon himself to create the order.  Drawing in some nobles from the Icean court whose families were benefactors of his minster in Tormay he took them under his belt and borrowing funds from the church of Varhn he travelled south to aid his cousin and built the orders headquarters within the walls of the rapidly growing southern citadel.

Although the aristocracy sees the methods of administering justice to the region as a positive and crucial step in bringing civilisation to these lands it is generally held by the populace that their justice is quite strict and heavy-handed in their sentencing with many judgements incurring the maximum penalty applicable for the crime.  Having said that not all crimes are dealt with by the order as the Justiciars are only involved in a crime if it is of significance, such as murder, rape, or rioting while lesser more common crimes remain the jurisdiction of the local military officers.

The second role of the order is to spread the word of Varhn throughout the province and convert those of the heathen Gracian gods to the ways of Varhn.  This is a task relished by the order as many of them border on fanatical worship and belief for their god.

The third role of the order is military service and service to the emperor.  Consistently this order is called upon to join in military action and without question the order marshals its members and marches with the army.  These are proud knights who stand firm upon the battlefield, clad in armour and riding huge war steeds they display the red kite shield and scales of justice, which is the symbol of their order upon their surcoats, tabards and barding.  A full unit of these knights makes an impressive display amongst the regular soldiers of the imperial army who, apart from the noble and elite units, tend to wear a mix-match array of colours, armours and weaponry.

This headstrong and militant nature of the order has helped to embed their role within the region and their mere presence in an area or town will often be enough to bring either calm or escalate the local issues to a resolution.

Becoming a Justiciar is a path that only the truly worthy achieve for one must be guided by Varhn’s hand through the hardships and trials as a squire to the order and then be open to judgement by its ruling members before given the rank of Knight.  This order draws its members from both the nobility and commoners who show particular talent and aspirations to join.  Unlike other orders throughout the empire that will only draw from the noble classes this order has been forced to accept commoners, if they are found worthy by trial and test, as the pool of nobility within the region is limited.  The Duke, Louis Da-Vi, is also supportive of this policy as each new knighthood creates a new member of the nobility for him to grant lands to and then taxes from.


The balanced scales of justice within a red kite shield

Player Opportunities

This order provides a great source of adventure; although its members are comparatively few it also means that its members are more likely to be called upon to perform duty in the service to the order, the empire and the emperor.

Common duties are patrols with local military, the investigation of major criminal activity such as murder, drug trafficking and burglary, common crimes such as pick pocketing are usually beneath the judgement of the order, reserving themselves and Varhn’s judgement to the more serious crimes.

They are also often sent to rural towns and act as mayors and judges for small regions.  In this manner they tend to hold a great deal of power.  As a squire to the order you may be posted to help a higher ranked knight to administer a town or perform an investigation, alternatively as a fully fledged knight with rank and title within the order you may be sent to act as a lord for the region.