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House of the Icain

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Battle Mage Houses

There are five great Houses of Battle Mages within the Empire, which were set up several centuries ago by the Doth-Erian Council of Magi as a way of controlling the spread of magical teachings alongside the Doth-Erian Empire’s rapid expansion.  The Emperor of the time accepted a proposal from the council to establish the Houses as a means to enhance and standardise the teaching of magic throughout his realm and saw the development of the Houses as a logical solution, and like the Knightly Orders that had arisen across the Empire, the Houses of Magi would help to expand the power of his realm in a controlled fashion.  As such he gave them the same rights and privileges as their Knightly counterparts but also expected they adhere to the same expectations and conditions.

With this ruling the descendant Emperor’s have continuously called upon the Houses to join their various military campaigns and as such the Houses regularly see combat in the front lines as they aid the continuous expansion of the Empire.

Each of the five Houses was started by one of the heads of the Council of Magi and emphasised a different form of magic or implementation.  In the current day the Houses still remain strong and influential with most of the seats on the Council of Magi being filled by a mage from one of the Houses; however the Houses are not the only avenue open to people to learn magic.  To the majority of the population they act as institutions who train magic uses to specialise in given types of magic and reach their full potential and power; however there are those who see these Battle Mages as nothing more than lap dogs of the Emperor.

House of the Icain

The first of the great houses of Battle Mages is the House of the Icain.  Although not the largest in the empire they are the most prestigious of the Houses and are the only House that operates within the province of The Barrowlands.  The Icain are masters of transmuting and summoning magic and as such hold a strong relationship with the Emperor.

Often they are called upon by the emperor to aid in rapid construction of fortifications, castles, keeps and will occasionally be used on the front line of the battlefield to quickly and magically build defences for troops or to disrupt the enemy forces assault or open breaches in enemy fortification.

This house was formed by Grand Master Azadan Icain of the House Icain who at the time was head of the Council of Magi in Doth-Eria.

Like many orders and institutions throughout the empire the Houses of Battle Mages have developed their own uniforms with coloured robes denoting which House they belong to and what rank they hold.  The Icain wear white robes with gold trimming.

Although their Grand Tower is located in the Doth-Erian capital of Chartae, they have many House Towers both major and minor throughout the Empire.  In addition to this the House also holds Towers abroad in a variety of cities and kingdoms such as Arondeer, Tesar and Terror’s Shadow.

The Towers vary in sophistication and magical nature depending on the size of the members associated with it, however all are built through the use of the Houses’ magical talents and are wonders to behold resembling as much a piece of art as a fortification.

Player Opportunities

Rising in power within the House of the Icain is not only a matter of skill with magic but also a skill in negotiation and political friendships.  Do you have what it takes to rise within its ranks and to even vie for a seat on the Council of Magi itself?

For a commoner the opportunity to become a nobleman or woman is seldom seen, yet for those with magical talents the road is far easier if you can become accepted into one of the great Houses of Battle Mages.  However caution should always rest side by side with ambition because nobility is not all about riding in your carriage to the next dinner party.

There is great rivalry amongst mages particularly between those who are tutored outside of the Houses and those who are associated with them, will you find a sponsor who will push for you to be admitted into the House of the Icain or will you grow your power outside of their tutelage and flaunt your success and power at them in defiance of their arrogance?