Development Notes – Upcoming Projects #1

Posted by The Worldsmith on August 3, 2010

With the completion of The Bloodsoaked Lands I thought that it might be a good time to let you all know what I’ve been working on at the moment and what’s in the pipeline for development.

As mentioned in a couple of other posts my main project is book two of my series which details the Gracian culture and also the Grand Duchy of Koras.  Again here the book will be jam packed with rich detail on the culture, history and society of these people in conjunction with adventure hooks and player opportunities.

But, not to sound too much like a dodgy TV infomercial salesman, … ‘That’s not all’, far from it in fact. I also have a gazette for Doth-Eria that I’m putting together. After some feedback following release of The Bloodsoaked Lands people wanted to know a little more about the other provinces to help build a better idea of the Empires structure, size and landscape, so I’ve been busy designing this gazette.  Due to conflicting timelines it will still be a little bit off however it is coming so if I could ask for a little patience you will be rewarded.

Now this next piece has got me really excited, it’s a collaborative project of designing RPG software to enable people to play over the internet, not a new concept however our take on it will be.  This is only just getting off the ground however it shows great promise. As it is still quite a way off I’ll keep you all up to date with it as we may need people to do some concept and beta testing for it. In the meantime I would be very appreciative if you had aspects or features to an RPG software package that you would like to see or use then either leave me a comment below or send me an email via the contact details on the right hand sidebar.

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