Gracian Weapons of War

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A strong part of the Gracian culture revolves around conflict and proving your worth in battle and as a skilful warrior.   Due to this dominant aspect to the Gracian mindset the Tribes have honed their skills in particular weapons of choice and also developed a variety of unique warrior professions.

Favoured Weapons

Spear: This weapon is ubiquitous to the lands of Synathia with every culture using one or more forms of this very simple but effective weapon.  The Gracians tend to favour two handed long spears during battle using them to form phalanxes to defend their villages and forts. While the smaller one handed spear are preferred for hunting as it provides more flexibility when transverseing the forests.  One handed light spears called pillums are also typically carried by hunters and raiders as their light weight and long reach provides a great versatile weapon to compliment their arsenal.

Bows: As one of the major sources of food comes from hunting, most Gracian children are taught to use a bow so that they can hunt for food and provide for their family and village.  Not all children will continue using this weapon as they age but all Gracian’s will have some natural affinity with this weapon.

The Gracian’s use three types of bows, the standard short bow, a long bow and the supreme Gracian ranged weapon, the war bow.  All Gracians are permitted to use both the short and long bow, but only Gracian nobles are allowed to use war bows.  The nobles who take up this honour form a group known as Noble Archers and are deadly marksmen.

Axe: The axe is the most notable and featured melee weapon of the Gracian culture and features heavily in the cultures symbolism.  It is believed that the love of this weapon stems from its uses outside of warfare such as for lumber which saw the reliance on this tool to build the homes and villages of the people.

It is no surprise that this weapon has come to prominence with its two bladed two handed axe being the more revered and prized weapon for the culture with many of the most notable warriors preferring this style of axe.

Hammer: In a similar manner to the axe this weapon’s use as a tool for construction has seen this weapon proliferate as a weapon of choice for many Gracian’s and mirroring the love that these people have for more brutal devastating weapons the two handed hammer or maul is far more common than lighter single handed hammers seen in other cultures.  For those warriors who choose lighter and single handed options they will typically choose a mace, morning star or flail as the impact and look of these weapons inspires greater fear than a simple hammer.

Swords: As with many other cultures swords are also common amongst these people but do not hold the notoriety of some of the proceeding weapons.  In a similar vein two handed swords such as the claymore or bastard sword are preferences amongst these people however single handed swords such as the broadsword also feature amongst the Gracian arsenal of younger warriors.

Dirk: Teaching how to use a dagger goes hand in hand with teaching Gracian children how to hunt with a bow. Not only is this weapon useful for close quarter fighting it is an invaluable hunting and household tool.  The daggers that the Gracian’s uses are called Dirks and they are larger than the average dagger.

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