Tribes of Gracia

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So far we’ve looked at a variety of aspects revolving around how the Gracian people see themselves in the world and some of their belief systems. Today I’d like to expand on this by going into a little more depth with regards to the structure of the Gracian Tribes which includes a brief of one of the great tribes.

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There are many tribes throughout the Gracian lands and they range in size with the smallest comprised of between 50 and 80 people while the largest of the tribes have tens of thousands.  This has led to a fairly fragmented and complex system of relationships between these people.

Typically the smaller tribes will either be conquered by a neighbour or absorbed into a larger tribe through marriage or diplomacy. While midsized tribes are the most active in terms of power struggles and political machinations as they constantly vie for increased power and prestige against local tribes but also in regards to prestige in the eyes of their respective Kings.

The large number of tribes also means that loyalties amongst the tribes are a complex matter as each tribe will have alliances and friends amongst their geopolitical area, but they will also have allegiance to their respective King who may call upon them in times of need.  It is only in times of great emergencies that Gracia will band together and become one.

The most influential tribes of the three respective bloodlines are currently the Iribane, the Irrian and the Veyan.

The Iribane

Current Chieftain:            Argandest “the Bloodied Handed”

Chiefs Champion:            Deramest son of Anlyeh

Symbol:                        Griffon facing front in a rampant position with wings spread

This is one of the oldest tribes and is the direct descendants of Kafaris, as such they have always been strong and influential amongst these people.  Kafaris was a powerful warrior and follower of Oda, the God of the Forests. Legend has it that he rode a griffon as a steed and that he was granted the Spear of Va-haugen by Oda.  This weapon of legend and power has since been lost to the Doth-Erian’s during the previous war where the General Harvrim took it as a trophy of his victory against the Tribes at the battle of Taymor Valley.

Due to the tanistry line of progression amongst these people the Iribane are the leading and most prominent tribe amongst the Kafaris and thus Argandest is the current Eastern King.

The tribe has had many glorious moments and spread their lands through exploring and sailing the seas to the east, discovering trading partners such as the cities of Two Waters and Arondeer.

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