The Doth-Erian Empire Brief Overview

Posted by The Worldsmith on May 15, 2010

The Doth-Erian Empire has been forged over the past four hundred and thirty years.  From humble beginnings as a single and only moderately sized nation to an empire that now encompasses fifteen provinces and stretches from the Great Synathian Ocean in the west to the Alasean Sea in the east.  Many of these province’s boarders are the original boarders of the nations that were conquered however several have been constructed by the empire to its own benefits.

In the past four hundred and thirty years the empire has seen very little time of peace, historians claim only as much as fifty years without bloodshed.  The Doth-Erian’s came to power due to their development of superior cavalry and the use of artillery on the battlefield.  Conquering two out of three of its neighbours in separate wars over a twenty-five year period they set a precedence for the years to come and with this in mind the empire continued to expand to its current size.

As is the case with all great empires, unity is seen as a key to ensuring the future of the empire thus the Doth-Erian’s routinely dominate the culture and society of the lands they conquer thus there are many dialects throughout the empire but many of these such as the Apathian or Gracian languages, practices and beliefs are banned from use in preference for the Doth-Erian culture.  This has however had benefits for those wishing to trade with and within the empire whether they be foreign or local merchants alike.

The Doth-Erians are routinely portrayed and depicted by other cultures and neighbouring countries as arrogant and in the minds of the Empires nobility why should this matter, they have won the right to be so through victory at arms.  To this date there has been nothing that has successfully challenged the Empire’s might and few on the continent of Synathia would rival its power.  Thus their demeanour is seen as justified and true amongst its aristocracy.

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