Gibsview Abbey

Posted by The Worldsmith on May 23, 2010

Half a day’s travel to the north of the citadel of Langhorn is Gibsview Abbey.  Located on an overhang looking out upon a valley called Gibs Vale, this is a small quaint Abbey of worshipers of Belemai, the god of knowledge and wisdom, who spend the majority of their time in reflection upon the words and teachings of Belemai .

When not in quiet contemplation and discussion they spend their time growing barley and making Ales in their brewery.  These Ales are highly sought after and are usually high alcohol, very flavoursome rich brews that utilise an open ferment system to obtain unique flavours.  Their most commonly requested beer is the Serpents Wing Ale, but produce a great range of ales from the small brewery that they have built.  Below are some of their creations…

Serpents Wing Ale: This top fermented brew is bottle conditioned and has a smooth frothy head, which is derived from the light carbonation of the beer and when poured into a glass it literally sparkles as if golden flecks floated throughout the liquid.  The brew is full of flavour and has a moderate alcohol content combined with a crisp bitter finish.

Tortlan’s Abyss: Tortlan was a former member of the Abbey whose learned study led him to believe that there were ancient texts of Belemai buried deep within a tunnel system in the Tarisan Ranges and set off to rediscover them so that the Abbey could benefit from the lost knowledge.  At the best of times Tortlan’s sanity was questionable by the members of the Abbey; however they humoured his theory and allowed him to pursue his agenda seeing little harm in it.  Unfortunately poor Tortlan has never been seen or heard of since he left the Abbey gates and is presumed to have perished upon his sojourn.

In his honour the Abbey brewed this beer which is a heavily roasted brew as black as the abyss that Tortlan set off to find.  In an attempt to mimic the juxtaposed nature of the man this brew is slightly sweet with a strong chocolate flavour and only a moderate level of alcohol.

Gibsview Cassis Ale: Made from the blackberries that are grown in the gardens of the Abbey, the Cassis Ale is one of the most expensive ales produced from the Abbey as it is aged four years prior to being released for consumption.  This ageing process helps to integrate the flavours so that the drinker is provided with a complex taste sensation upon their palate.

This fruit driven beer has a deep purple colouring and holds great balance between the blackcurrants flavours from the fruit, the sweetness of the alcohol and the bitterness of the hops.  To round out the drink its high alcohol content means that it will test even the heartiest of Dwarves.

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