I am a young writer, creator, thinker and devoted fan of the fantasy genre. Over the years I have spent my time initially reading fantasy books but looked to further explore this genre by delving into pen and paper role playing games (RPG) in which I have spent many years yelling and screaming with my friends.  As time passed my interests expanded into computer game RPG’s and MMO’s, films and even the odd fantasy theatre show in an attempt to satiate my interest in fantasy works.  As my enthusiasm for RPG’s expanded I looked to develop a world in conjunction with some friends in which we based our adventures, wrote computer game mods for and wrote novels and short stories about.  It is that setting that I have constructed The Worldsmith concept around and wish to share it with other likeminded fantasy fans.

Last modified on April 18, 2010

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  1. Gabin Says:

    Bonne info , merci cela va m’etre utile.

  2. Laezr Says:

    Awesome work mate, keep it up, endless potential here ^_^

  3. cozmo Says:

    Hey ho, excellent stuff matey. Looking forward to see the brilliant and fantastical ideas you have whirling around inside that noggin’ of yours…

  4. Annarki Says:

    Great to see good Aussie fantasy writers. After looking over the site, I can’t wait to read more. Hurry up with the book :) There needs to be a huge cheasted barbarian with a handle-bar moustache.

  5. The Saint Says:

    Bring back the core fantasy classics i say, this makes me wanna play some good old fashion pen and paper!

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