Glossary of Terms

Alasean Sea:

The Alasean Sea is a large sea that borders the southern coastline of the continent of Synathia. As much of this coastline is wild the sea is noted for its danger.


Apathia is the most recently conquered province of the Doth-Erian Empire but was one of the most bloodied and costly victories by the end. The Apathians are a people of soldiers, noble, proud and exceptional in the art of warfare. The Empire held a total of three seperte campagins to take these lands and upon their final success they decimated the population and outlawed their entire culture, language and history.


The god of protection.  It is said that he is charged with protecting not only the people and their lands but also the gates to the pantheon.  As such he commands an army of his followers who stand before the gates to the halls of the gods and defend it against the continuous assaults of demon kind.

Battle Mage Houses:

There are five great Houses of Battle Mages within the Empire, which were set up several centuries ago by the Doth-Erian Council of Magi as a way of controlling the spread of magical teachings alongside the Doth-Erian Empire’s rapid expansion.  Each of the five Houses were started by one of the heads of the Council of Magi and emphasised a different form of magic or implementation.

Battle of Elk’s Horn:

Nearing the end of the war with Gracia, the Doth-Erian’s had started to be pushed back by a renewed offensive by their enemy.  During this time a vastly outnumbered and fatigued division of the Doth-Erian army won a heroic victory against the Gracians in the valley of Elk’s Horn.  The Doth-Erian commander was Lady Elistae Birchwood.  This battle stemmed the Gracian offensive and was one of the catalysts to the ceasefire between the two nations.


The god of Knowledge and Wisdom.  This god’s followers seek a more quiet style of worship looking inwards and studying the world around them in quiet observation.


This is the newest member of the empire and was originally part of the Barrowlands however as this section became more productive and also less dangerous, Berrendale was given a boundary and a governor for its main city.  Berrendale’s primary attractiveness comes from it being a vital trade route from the northern parts of Doth-Eria to the southern ports on the Alasean Sea located in the Barrowlands.

Black Mantle Syndicate, The:

An underworld criminal organisation that operates in the Southern lands of Doth-Eria, they are primarily involved in illegal fighting pits and gambling houses.

Brotherhood of Zanfire:

Zanfire is one of the banished spirits of the Gracian belief system and was the harbinger of plagues, pestilence and sorrow.  In the current climate of sorrow and subjugation that many in the Doth-Erian Empire’s southern province of The Barrowlands feel, old powers such as these have found new followers to listen to their words.

Citadel of Iyan:

(Pronounced: Eye – yan)

This citadel is the only major structure within the Doth-Erian Empire’s province of The Barrowlands.  It is a testament to the power of the Empire within the region, housing not only the military might of the region but the Empire’s second fleet within its port.  It has several concentric rings which protect a large inner keep, surrounding the outer most walls is a town that has grown parallel to the growth of the citadel.  The Doth-Erian soliders who are stationed in The Barrowlands are given the nickname of ‘the hounds of Iyan’ from their Gracian enemies.

Council of Magi:

This is the ruling body of magic within the Doth-Erian Empire and directly advises and supports the Emperor in all matters of a magical nature.  The council holds 20 seats and its members are drawn from mages across the Empire.  There is fierce competition for a seat on the council as once elected a member is given the seat for the course of his life, thus seats rarely become available.

Denaris Ranges:

Are a craggy range of hills that act as the border between the Doth-Erian provinces of Morash and The Barrowlands.  These hills capture the waters that flow from the province of Peren and form the boggy moors of Morash.  Locally these ranges are also referred to as the ‘North Wall’.

Doth-Erian Empire, The:

A large Empire which is comprised of fifteen different provinces, Doth-Eria, Ill-Defye, Icea, Sansborough, Apathia, Tormek, Brassex, Straton, Rentyr, Peren, Kandrea, Lacoranthia, Morash, Berrendale and The Barrowlands.  The Empire is famed for their cavalry and uses these troops decisively in their military conquests.


The god of Trade, Merchants and Profit.  Worshiped by many merchants and businessmen, the churches holy artefact is ‘The Jewelled Sabre’ and is located in the holy city of Julan-Quo.

Gracian Tribes:

The nation of Gracia is a loosely aligned grouping of Tribes who have descended from the same people and culture.  Traditionally the Gracian Tribes are a warrior culture who warred amongst themselves more than they waged war against others but from time to time a strong warlord would arise and unite the tribes to expand their territory, gain victory and glory for themselves and forefathers then return to their homes with treasures and tales for the bards to sing.

Grand Duchy of Koras:

This is a relatively new nation located on the southern border of The Barrowlands.  Originally this area was conquoured by the Doth-Erian Empire for its vast mineral deposits and claimed as part of its sovereignty.  However the Duke who was sent to establish a permenant presence of the Empire and secure the lands betrayed his former homeland and declared the areas independence from the Empire.

House of the Icain:

The first of the great houses of Battle Mages is the House of the Icain.  Although not the largest in the Empire they are the most prestigious of the Houses.  The Icain are masters of transmuting and summoning magic and as such hold a strong relationship with the Emperor.


Is a large province in the northwest of Doth-Eria and is where Doth-Eria started its perpetual expansion and rise to power.  The province holds great lush lands and bountiful seas, and as such the province has prospered with plentiful harvests and a strong navy.


Historically Ill-Defye was two separate city states named Illrator and Defye who after thirty years came together to form a single kingdom, in doing so they built a new capital to signify their ability to work together.  Ill-Defye has large rolling plains used primarily for farming, horse husbandry and grazing.

Imperial Arbalesters:

The Arbalesters are an elite unit of the Doth-Erian army.  They are both respected and feared on the battlefield as bolts from their Arbalesters rarely miss their targets.

Iribane Tribe, The:

The Iribane Tribe hold much prestige within Gracia, they were previously one of the strongest tribes and were responsible for brokering the ceasefire between Gracia and the Doth-Erian Empire.

Irrian Tribe, The:

The Irrians are one of the largest and most powerful tribes amongst the Grancians. Their young chief Ansgar has recently come to power and has shown that he is keen to resume the war with Doth-Eria and bring back the Gracian’s as a power in the region.

Justiciars of the Sovereign Hand:

This is an order of Knights who are comprised mainly of war clerics and warriors who adhere strictly to the codes and religion of Varhn, the god of justice.  As such these Knights consider themselves holy warriors in the service of their god.  This is a young Order who solely operate in the Doth-Erian southern provinces of The Barrowlands, Morash and Berrendale and have their headquarters based in the Citadel of Langhorn.


Kandrea is one of the central provinces of the Doth-Erian Empire, it has a long proud history, and is culturally rich with many of the Empires great musicians and bards hailing from this province.


This is a lush and fertile land that is a major generator of wealth for the Empire as it is rich in farming land.  Some of its major exports include wine, barley and wheat it is also rich in mineral deposits.


Once a great fortress of the Gracians, but now lies in ruins, haunted by the ghosts and spirits of those who died in the final assaults upon it.  The fortress was built upon a sacred shrine to the God Oda, who is the Gracian God of the forest.


One of the Doth-Erian Empire’s southern provinces, Morash is a swampy uninhabitable land which is as much a blight upon the landscape as anything else.  The province draws its name from the Moors and Ash trees that litter the area.  It is said that there are many treasures and ruins throughout the province but few seek them due to the extreme danger of the area.


Oda is the Gracian God of the forest, he is one of the most active Gods from the Gracian pantheon.


Located in the midlands of Doth-Erian this province has a long and rich history. Its lush lands and rich soils have helped to give large crops to this province and hence allowed the population to grow and flourish. Since the early settlers came to these lands they have always held a strong rivalry with their neighbour Kandrea. This rivalry has sparked numerous wars between the two former nations.


Is one of the Doth-Erian eastern provinces, it is famed for their Orders of Knights and belief in the code of chivalry.  It is one of the more prosperous provinces in the Empire of Doth-Eria.

Tarisan Ranges:

A large mountain range in the south west of the Synathian continent.  These forested mountains are rugged and wild for the most part.  They are also home to the Gracian Tribes.

The Barrowlands:

This is a southern province of the Doth-Erian Empire.  It is one of the largest provinces and most turbulent in its nature having been wrestled from the Gracian’s in a century long war.

To-Dekka Tribe:

(pronounced Tow-Dek-Ka)

The To-Dekka are a small tribe who have recently returned to their Gracian homelands. Famed for the bravery of their warriors their leader Kaiden was quick to join the renewed efforts against their hated foe; Doth-Eria. The To-Dekka are unique warriors known as ‘Blood Demons’ who paint themselves in black and red dye, striking in the middle of the night and using stealth they are a feared tribe.


Is a moderately sized town on the North West coastline of the province of Icea in the Doth-Erian Empire.


A western province of Doth-Eria, Tormek is one of the smaller nations that have found itself now part of a larger world.  Tormek was a nation of loosely aligned cities states and towns based around agricultural trade.  The famous historian Marchell Bustay believes that Doth-Eria had actually no real intention to invade this lands at the time in which they did as Doth-Eria was at that stage engaged with its first of three wars against the nation of Apathia and in an attempt to find passage through the mountain range that formed the border of those two nations one of its armies accidentally crossed into Tormek.  After several swift and decisive victories the nation crumbled into small factions and was quickly overrun

Torrest Mountains:

A large rugged, Orc filled mountain range on the Synathian southern peninsular.


The god of Justice, Law and Order.  Varhn preserves what is right and judges the innocent or guild of an accused.  He is one of the major gods in the human pantheon.  He is also known and referred to as the ‘Hand of Justice’.  In the southern citadel of Langhorn in The Barrowlands the churches built throughout the citadel and surrounding town were placed so that they would resemble scales when seen from the air in a similar fashion to the constellations of the night sky.

Veyan Tribe:

This is one of the Gracian Tribes who allied with the Doth-Erians during their invasion of Gracia.  Seen as traitors amongst the Gracian people they are often shown open hatred from their own kind and little better from the Doth-Erian allies.


A ruined city in the mid north of The Barrowlands, it is seldom visited by any policing force and has become a haven for fugitives, refugees, smugglers and black market traders.  The city was originally the largest of the Gracian cities but was destroyed in a seven year siege by the Doth-Erian’s in their conquest.

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