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The Ruins of Mehn-Toth

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

These haunted ruins are located deep within the southern mountain forests of The Barrowlands, near the border with Gracia.  Originally this was one of the largest forts of the Gracian Tribes and was built to protect a sacred shrine to Oda, the Gracian God of the forest.

During the last war between the Gracian’s and the Doth-Erian’s this fort became the scene of one of the most brutal battles.  When the Doth-Erians finally arrived at its gates they immediately besieged the fort.  The siege lasted two years before the Doth-Erians assaulted its walls and exterminated the population of the fort.  It was during this battle that the Chieftain of the Irrian’s lost his life solidifying the authority of the Iribane Tribe over the Gracians.  This fateful day saw a change in the war which eventually led to a ceasefire between the powers.

Due to the spirits that remain in the ruins, the woods that surround it remain quiet as animals have learnt to give this area some distance.  The lack of wildlife only goes to enhance the haunted feel of the ruin and impose a sense of fear to those who travel near it.

Upon approach the ruin seems to have become part of the forest, as its breached stone walls are weathered and covered with moss, ivy and brambles that will take a strong arm and a sharp blade to cut through.  The gates lay catawampus half rotted upon the ground, their iron hinges and reinforcing bands rusted with thick undergrowth obstructing passage through the gate house.

The interior holds a similar scene of overgrown vegetation, covering the courtyards, stone buildings and defensive structures.

Strewn amongst the foliage is rubble from boulders, buildings, walls and the dead.  Their skeletons still litter the ruin on wall tops and open ground and reinforce the scale of the battle that was fought here.

There are two major structures in the ruin the first is the central keep.  Made of stone and standing forty feet tall its thick walls held against the battering rams and catapults of the Doth-Erians until the very end, which saw a fight for its control held at every doorway and stairwell until the Gracian’s no longer lived.  There was no surrender and no quarter given in the final assault by either side.

As such the doorways are littered with decayed skeletons, scorched by the burn marks of magical spells and covered in cobwebs.

The second major structure is the sacred shrine.  This once was a grove of huge Oak trees that had grown in a ring, surrounding a natural pool of warm water and the sapling of the sacred Ashfern, a rare and magical tree sacred to the followers of Oda as these trees are delivered to the mortal realm and planted by Oda himself.  This shrine’s great Oaks have now started to regenerate after being burnt by the magical fires of the Doth-Erian wizards but their trunks still show signs of the devastation wrought upon them.  Missing however is the sacred sapling, taken as a trophy by the Doth-Erian’s its location is now unknown.

The brutality of the battle was such that many of the fallen, both Gracian and Doth-Erian, still haunt the area.  Many are benign yet there are those self willed ghosts who seek revenge upon the living for what has happened the most powerful of which are the guards of the sacred shrine.  Known as the Uth Vast, these powerful spiritual warriors still guard the shrine in the afterlife against anyone seeking to damage or defile it.  In life these men and women were of noble birth, well armoured, armed with mighty two handed axes and wielded the magical powers of Oda.  In death they are no less fearsome.